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    Epic Page One Engine Bonus

    Epic Page One Engine Bonus

    Page One Engine by Dori Friend is coming VERY soon – our EPIC bonus will be added here shortly!

    Epic Page One Engine Bonus

  • Google Sniper 3 Review

    While I have NOT taken the time to review Google Sniper 3 yet, I did find a GREAT review by Jeff Lenney that is worth checking out.

    Google Sniper 3 Review

    Jeff went into DETAILS explaining the differences between Google Sniper 2 and Google Sniper 3, and even what the modules would be covering that Sniper 2 did NOT cover.

    The thing that made me trust him the most was, he actually used to NOT like Google Sniper 2- but then gave it a better review once it was updated to work better with Google SEO updates (like Google Panda or Google Penguin).

    I’m not going to recap his entire review for you here, but I did embed the youtube video review he was so nice enough to put together.

    Anyways, this seems like a solid product – based on Jeff’s word along we’re going to have to recommend it!

  • What Are The Best Ronnie Montano Products?

    Which Are The Best Ronnie Montano Products

    Ronnie Montano Internet Marketer

    Ronnie Montano is the creator of some of the most impressive products in the history of marketing. So if the product is even remotely associated with the name Ronnie Montano, then chances are that it is one of the best in the world. Just as the automobile brand ‘Mercedes Benz’ has become synonymous with top notch quality, efficiency and reliability; similarly, Ronnie Montano’s products are an embodiment of sheer brilliance and ingenuity! Their biggest USP is that they level the field in their respective areas of expertise. They make it possible for average people to make a truckload of money in highly competitive branches of marketing. They do so without burning a hole in anybody’s pocket!

    Quite simply – each of Ronnie Montano’s products are GAME CHANGERS!

    Let us take a look at some of them:

    1) Easy Cash Code Review: The vast majority of the people never makes money online because of two very simple reasons – these people do not have marketing skills and they are not computer savvy! Both of these are not the kind of skills that can be acquired in a short period of time. It takes months, if not years for people to become even moderately good at both of them. However, most people want to earn cash immediately – they just don’t have months and years. People need a system – a proven system that works for everybody, in all parts of the world. Easy Cash Code is one such system! For just a onetime payment of $49, this system enables users to unlock the massive money making potential of the internet. Best of all, purchasing Easy Cash Code is a risk free investment as the product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

    2) Tube Cash Code: Youtube videos are a great way to capture leads and to convert them into customers. However, instead of making money on Youtube, most people simply waste their time watching pointless videos. Not their fault – for them, the concept of generating an income from Youtube videos is just a distant dream. However, all this changes once they get their hands on Tube Cash Code. This system includes software that enables amateurs to create a video in minutes. These videos rank on Google almost immediately after they have been uploaded onto the web. Inserting an affiliate link in the product description is all it takes to see cold hard cash piling up in the bank account!

    3) Commission Cash Code: This system is perfect for leveraging the ever increasing popularity of social media. As of 2013, facebook has close to 1.2 billion active users; this number is going up with each passing minute. There is a lot of talk about making big money on facebook but very few people are actually doing it. Facebook marketing is different from other types of internet marketing – people are just socializing; they are not in the buying mindset and it takes skill to sell to them. Commission Cash Code is a proven system for making money on facebook – it utilizes a complex program that has been tested and perfected by more than 100 beta users. It is easy to use and it guarantees positive results!

    4) Mobile Cash Code: The number of mobile phone users is on the rise. This software makes it possible for rookies to generate mind blowing incomes through mobile marketing. The package includes tutorials, 50 free mobile sites in various popular niches and a comprehensive list of tools.

    5) My Binary Recoded: Binary options are a form of foreign exchange. It is possible to make some really serious cash within a very short time by predicting their outcome. However, the entire concept is very risky – especially if you don’t know what you are doing and rely solely on luck. This might seem like gambling to some but it is not – binary options are influenced by various factors such as politics, inflation etc. and their trend can be predicted by studying these factors closely. My Binary Recoded is one of the most sure-fire ways of making the right predictions in binary options. If used right, the program guarantees a 98% chance of winning!

    Ronnie Montano’s products do not involve heavy up-sells – they are 100% legitimate and have already helped thousands of people to transform their life!

  • How To Write An Ebook

    5 Steps to follow

    The internet is becoming more and more influential in our lives and thus the sale of eBooks has gone up dramatically in the past few years. If this trend continues, eBooks sales will soon overtake that of hard copies. Thus, now is the perfect time to venture into this lucrative money making opportunity. EBooks are the perfect means to create a stream (or multiple streams) of passive income. You write just once and get paid for it again and again! However, your book needs to be absolutely sensational for it to sell well. There is no dearth of free information on the web and your eBook must really stand out among this ocean of mediocre, generic content.

    How to Write an Ebook

    How to Write an Ebook

    Here are some things you should know before you get started:

    What type of eBook do you want to write? Fiction or non-fiction? Deciding what to write about is the most critical step in creating any book. You have to consider various factors such as your own interests, strengths, media trends and so on. What do you personally like? Do other people like it as well? Does your subject have a market? If yes, how large? Determine what is selling well and then go on to create something along those lines but unique nonetheless! Write the book that you would want to read. Here are a few random ideas – vampire and werewolf stories, health, money making, sex and relationships, dragons and other mythological creatures, comedy etc. Popular topics appeal to a larger number of people but there is stiff competition in these niches. On the other hand, topics that are not so popular have a smaller audience but then, there is also less competition.

    Your eBook should be timeless: It should be readable years from the date of publishing. Great books such as The Godfather, The Science of Getting Rich, Sherlock Holmes series etc. were written many years ago but many people read them even today. Writings of philosophers like Leonardo Da Vinci and Socrates are literally centuries old but the morals of those writings are applicable in the modern world too. If the information in your eBook becomes obsolete in a few months, then this will have a detrimental impact on sales and consequently – on your earnings.

    Read Other Similar Books: Read plenty of books and eBooks on the subject that you have chosen to write about. This will give you many different perspectives and you will develop a deep, intricate understanding on the subject. It also helps if you are passionate about what you write. Gather as much information as you can.

    Write: This is the most challenging step. Many people never finish writing just because of one simple reason – they are LAZY! Write at every opportunity you get – anytime, anywhere! Write when you are travelling, when you are bored, when you are sitting in a coffee shop, park. Write on a piece of paper, on your phone – immerse yourself into writing. Don’t try to escape it but embrace it instead.

    Fine tune: Arrange everything together; add details, format and edit. Come up with an exciting cover and a summary – now you are ready to sell.

    Statistics indicate that the most profitable ebooks are priced between $0.99 to $5.99 for a single copy. Clickbank. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, Lulu, Smashwords and Book Baby are great places to publish and market your ebook.

  • How To Build Your List With Paid Ezine Advertising

    How To Build Your List With Paid Ezine Advertising

    Ezine Advertising

    One of the most sure-fire ways of generating traffic and building your list is to submit content to article directories. Even though this technique is not as potent as it used to be before Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, it does work nonetheless. Ezinearticles.com attracts millions of readers each day and it has an Alexa rank of 363, so there is absolutely no question regarding its efficacy in traffic generation. Mentioned below are 2 ways of using ezines to build your subscribers’ list.

    Free method: This method is free but it does involve work – often, quite a lot of work. You submit high quality articles to web directories. This allows you to build credibility as a business owner. You include a link back to your website in the author’s bio box. If your content is good enough, people will be interested in what you have to say and will click on the link. Thus, if you want to maximize traffic, you must write more articles. The back links also play a crucial role in improving your search result rankings.

    Paid advertising method: As mentioned above, ezinearticles.com still remains the best article directory in the world and it is visited by millions of people each day. However, note that there are close to half a million authors on ezinearticles.com. Obviously, the competition for certain keywords (or topics) is very high. For example: There are probably hundreds of thousands of articles about popular topics like �make money online’. Thus, it can be quite difficult to get the desired amount of exposure for certain keywords. The best way to circumvent this dilemma is to use paid ezine advertising for building your list. Many internet marketers frown at the very thought of using paid methods to get subscribers as they have very tight marketing budgets. However, you will never find out if these methods work until and unless you try them out! They do work for many people and they can work for you too, if you are willing to take small calculated risks. Article directories make a sizeable chunk of their income through paid advertising and this is proof that paid ezine advertising IS indeed effective.

    Make your ad catchy, offer something for free! Once people do click your ad, you have to play it smart if you want to convert them into subscribers. Remember that just one high quality subscriber can help you to generate hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of income over a lifetime. So make sure that your ad links back to the landing page of your website – or rather, specifically to the page that has been designed to get people to subscribe. Give away free gifts, ebooks, mini-courses, trials for free. This enables you to provide immediate value to visitors. Entering their email just becomes a medium of receiving the �free gift’ and your visitors become subscribers without even consciously thinking about it!

    If your gift is truly helpful and/or valuable, then people begin to respect your expertise. Consequently, they buy your products or the products that you recommend. And that’s how investing a few dollars in ezine ads can lead to lucrative streams of passive income!

  • Brand Positioning Explained – How to Promote Your Business Like the Big Boys

    Brand Positioning Explained

    Brand Positioning

    Big companies spend millions of dollars per year on brand positioning while most small business owners don’t even know what brand position means! So let us first define the concept – Brand position simply means what people think about your brand or rather, what have you caused them to think about it. Here is an example – Imagine that you want to sell a burger. You can call the burger whatever you want – the ingredients and the taste of the burger remain the same irrespective of what it is called. However, the way people PERCEIVE the burger changes radically. Give your burger some wacky name like ‘Godfather’ or ‘Godzilla’ or ‘The Hunger Killer’ and people instantly become more attracted or at least more curious. Note that the product did not change – but people started relating to it differently.

    In short, brand positioning has little to with the product itself and everything to do with peoples’ emotions. Mercedes Benz wants people to perceive its cars as futuristic technological wonders and so it has a tagline that says ‘The Future of the Automobile’. The tagline does nothing to the product; the cars do not automatically become smarter and more modern. However, people begin to think of the company in a desirable manner. Now consider L’Oreal. Its tagline says – because you are worth it. This qualifies people and makes them feel that they deserve to use L’Oreal products.

    Brand Positioning Video

    So how to position your brand like the big companies do?

    Here are a few tips to get you started

    1) Know your customers. Who are they? What are their desires? What are their ambitions? You can serve your customers well only if you know what they like.

    2) Don’t stray from your company’s goals. Ultimately, your brand is just a projection of what your company does. Your brand must showcase your best attributes. The Ford Mustang is not an easy car to live with. It is huge but effectively seats only too. It is fast but it has a stiff suspension that accounts for a hard ride. It is difficult to maneuver and hard to corner. It drinks up copious amounts of fuel and this makes it expensive to run. Still, the mustang is an American icon and it symbolizes the indomitable spirit of wild mustangs. People absolutely adore the mustang! Now consider the Toyota Prius- it is more efficient, eco-friendly, sensible and reliable. Still, it is mocked by the vast majority of people simply because of the fact that it is boring! You might argue that people have not yet warmed up to hybrids. If this is the case, then why does the Fisker Karma turn heads wherever it goes? It too is a hybrid. Ultimately, it all boils down to brand management. Toyota appeals to the mind while the mustang appeals to the heart. However, in today’s deplorable economy – logic wins. No wonder Toyota is the number one car manufacturer in the world!

    3) Note that positioning should be in alignment with the brand experience. You must actually deliver what you promise to deliver. This involves creating good products and providing valuable services. Branding can only take you so far – you have to back it up with a positive consumer experience!

    Rieches Baird is the world’s leading brand management agency. Go to their website, riechesbaird.com for more information on brand positioning.

  • Facebook Marketing: Creating The Perfect Ads For Your Business

    Facebook Marketing

    Internet Marketers are realizing that more and more people are spending more and more time on facebook with each passing day. Thus, facebook is becoming a very potent tool for traffic generation and ultimately – wealth creation. Some gurus predict that in future, facebook advertising will surpass Google ads. Thus, facebook marketing is something that you should definitely strive to master. Mentioned below are 5 tips for creating the perfect facebook ads for your business.

     1) Know your audience: This is true not just for facebook marketing, but for all other types of marketing as well. Note that a very high percentage of facebook users are between 12 to 35 years old. This includes high school students, college students and young professionals and business owners. Understand that people buy products because of the cultural annotations and values associated with them. So learn more about your target audience. What do they like? What are they doing on facebook? The relevance of your ads can make or break your campaign.

    2) Use images to generate a better response: An image can say what a thousand words can’t. A picture of an attractive dress or shoe is much more tempting than a text ad that says �Shoe Sale – 10% Discount!’ The picture is will yield a better click through rate since people actually see the product.

    3) Loud advertising: Let us understand the main difference between Google ads and facebook ads. You see, on Google, people are actively searching for information while on facebook their main focus is to catch up with friends. Thus, for your facebook ad to have maximum impact, it should be much more tempting and louder than a Google ad. The person who sees the ad should stop whatever he/she is doing and click on the ad. A potential customer on Google can be compared to a person inside a shop – he or she is already in the buying mindset. A potential customer on facebook, on the other hand, is more like a person walking with friends on the street. Thus the ad should be catchy enough for them to want to buy. Get it?

    4) Use a compelling Call to Action: You need to create a sense of urgency! Demonstrate immediate gratification. For example: Imagine that you are promoting a weight loss product. Your ad can simply say �lose weight fast – no pills, no diets’. This is not a bad ad but it can be so much better like �Lose weight fast! Look slim and sexy on Valentine’s day!’ or �Lose 10 pounds in 10 days – Call Now for FREE consultation!’ The first ad is very logical but it does not create excitement. The other two manage to stir emotions and so they work much better even if they do not make sense logically.

    5) Are you offering a valuable deal? Why should people buy through you? OK – so you have a good product but so do many others. What makes you so special? You need to offer incentives like �100% money back guarantee’ and �Free shipping’. People need to feel that they are getting more than what they paid for!

    The above points cover just the very basics of facebook marketing. You will probably need to experiment a bit and tweak your ad campaign to perfection. Observe your conversion rates closely and take note of the factors that affect them. Some ads convert better during the day time and others convert better in the evening. So it all boils to trying out different combinations.

  • The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing


    Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and the most profitable ways of making money online. Basically, you promote other peoples’ products in exchange for a commission. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you do not have to create your own product. Also, there is no need to worry about maintaining an inventory, shipping, billing and customer care as all these aspects are taken care of by the manufacturer. Top affiliates earn millions of dollars in commissions every year!

    Even though the business model of affiliate marketing is fairly simple, you do need to have a high traffic website, blog or a Youtube channel to succeed at it. Paid methods of advertising are suitable for affiliate marketing only if the commissions are substantial enough. Still, many affiliate marketers refrain from using paid advertisements to attract customers –instead, they focus on establishing a reputable online identity and constantly endeavor to enhance it.

    Below is a step by step approach to affiliate marketing.

    1) How to begin? Start by creating a blog or a website about a subject that people might be interested in. You may also create your own YouTube channel if you have the talent and the skills that are required to make interesting videos. It costs just 15-20 dollars to set up a website. You don’t even have to know much about programming – you can simply choose between templates. In fact, with so many free tools at your disposal, creating a website has become almost as easy as setting up a facebook profile!

    2) Make your website/blog/channel valuable by providing very high quality content. Genuinely focus on informing/entertaining people. You can write all the content yourself if you are good with words but if writing is not your cup of tea, you can hire a professional writer. Make sure that all your content is SEO friendly. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It plays a very crucial role in improving traffic.

    3) Promote Your Website/blog/Channel: Do everything in your power to make your blog/popular. Use social media, tell all your friends, upload good content, give away free gifts, participate in online forum discussions. Remember that it will most probably take several months for your website to become popular – so be patient and persevere.

    4) Now that you have a good inflow of traffic, you may recommend relevant products to your visitors. The best places to find relevant products to promote are ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliates, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare and so on.

    5) Get people to subscribe. This allows you to stay in touch with your audience and more importantly, gives you a chance to refer more products.

    6) Always remember that there is a huge difference between exploiting and helping. People use the internet to find answers to their problems. Often, these problems make people emotional and susceptible to exploitation. Many marketers take advantage of this situation by enticing people to buy absolutely useless products. Even though this might seem lucrative in the beginning, it is very harmful to your reputation in the long run. Thus, only promote products that you truly believe in.  If you want to learn MORE about affiliate marketing, we recommend checking out Profit Academy, by Anik Singal.

    Understand that the 6 step approach that is mentioned above covers only the basics of affiliate marketing. As you advance further, you will learn a lot more from your personal experiences and by observing and studying other successful affiliates.

  • How To Make Money With Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing

    The concept of Pay per Click affiliate marketing is ridiculously simple!

    Here’s what you do, summed up into 4 steps:

    1. Create a website or blog with good content
    2. Drive traffic to your website/blog
    3. Sign up for a PPC affiliate program
    4. Get paid when people click on the ads that are featured on your website/blog


    PPC affiliates marketing is very popular since it relieves webmasters of many responsibilities such as developing their own product, searching other products to promote, managing inventory, billing, shipping, resolving customer complaints and so on. If you are new to internet marketing, then becoming a PPC affiliate is the easiest way of monetizing your blog or website. However, this option is not just limited to beginners – many top earners, including those websites which make 6 and 7 figures a year, rely predominantly on getting paid per click.

    Some niches pay higher than others but usually, the amount earned per click is very low (just a few cents in most cases). So it goes without saying that if you want to earn a decent income by displaying PPC ads on your website, your traffic statistics need to be very impressive. Even then, only 1 to 2 percent of the visitors actually click on the ads. So if your website gets 1000 visitors in a day and you receive 20 cents per click, you only earn two to four dollars! However, your earnings go up as your website becomes more popular.

    Mentioned below are some of the best Pay per Click affiliate marketing programs:

    1) Google Adsense: This program is literally synonymous with PPC. It is a favorite of webmasters as it is free to join and easy to use. Your Adense earnings rely heavily on website niche, placement of the ads and their relevance with respect to the content. Google Adsense remains the best PPC affiliate marketing program on the web; it generated a gross income of 9.71 billion USD in the year 2011 alone!

    3) Chitika: This program was founded in 2003 by Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario. The name ‘Chitika’ means ‘snap’ in Telugu, which is a South Indian language. The program is held in high regard by internet marketers. It is a direct competitor to Adsense but is still compatible with it. This means that you can use Chitika even if you are already using Adsense. In fact, many internet marketers who use both programs have reported that more people click on the Chitika Ads. So this one is definitely worth giving a try!

    4) Bidvertiser: Advertisers bid for placing their ads on your website. Obviously, if your website is popular, you receive more money and if it is not, you don’t receive as much even though your content may be better and you are using the same keyword.

    5) Ad Dynamo: This PPC program was launched in 2009 in South Africa. It is considered a serious threat to Adsense even though it is still very new. Unlike Adsense and many other programs, Ad Dynamo displays contextual ads – statistics indicate that people are much more likely to click on contextual ads. Ad Dynamo has also earned the reputation for being the fastest paying program of its kind’.

    Don’t even think about clicking on the PPC ads on your website! You might get away with one or two clicks but eventually you will get caught! The companies that run these ad networks have invested millions of dollars in fraud detection programs and once you get caught, you will get banned- forever! On the other hand, if you keep adding high quality content to your website and focus on traffic generation, then PPC affiliate marketing can turn out to be very rewarding.

  • How To Use Ad Swapping To Increase Your Subscribers And Earnings

    What exactly is Ad Swapping?

    Ad Swapping

    Ad Swapping is a technique used by internet marketers to increase the number of their subscribers and consequently, their earnings. Consider the following scenario – John blogs about fitness and weight loss, his blog has 3000 subscribers. Mary has a website in the diet and nutrition niche; her website also has about the same number of subscribers as John’s. As you may have already noticed, John’s Blog and Mary’s website complement each other very well. It is highly probable that people who are interested in becoming fit also want to know more about nutrition and vice versa. Thus, John and Mary get in touch and decide to swap ads. Mary sends an email to all of her subscribers recommending John’s website and products and John does the same for Mary. This allows both of them to reach out to 6000 people instead of just their own 3000. Both John and Mary earn much more that month, the number of their subscribers also goes up. Thus, the ad swapping experiment turns out to be mutually beneficial!

    Pros of Ad Swapping

    1) As you know, it takes time to build a list of high quality subscriptions. It may be months before you double the amount the amount of subscribers that you currently have. However, ad swapping enables you dramatically increase the number of people who are subscribed to your website/blog and that too without doing anything extra! You just have to write an email, insert a link and click send!

    2) You earn quick cash in a very short period of time. More people discover about your product and that too from a source that they trust. Thus, you have a much better chance of generating sales and your earnings spike up sharply.

    3) You get to deliver more value to your own subscribers by directing them towards information and products that they might benefit from.

    4) You can swap with more than one person each month. So if you have a thousand subscribers and you swap ads with 3 other marketers, you can quadruple your subscribers and earnings.

    Cons of Ad Swapping

    1) Swapping ads with too many people too often can be detrimental to your online business. Your subscribers may not appreciate being bombarded by new advertisements every day. If this happens, they will unsubscribe and you will end up with fewer subscribers than you already have.

    2) There are a lot of unscrupulous internet marketers whose lists are either fake or of very low quality. Swapping ads with such a person does not benefit you in any way. Only swap ads with highly reputable marketers. Also, make sure that the other party has about the same number of subscribers as you do. (More is even better)

    3) Many people make the mistake of swapping ads with a person who is a direct competitor to their business. This defeats the whole purpose of ad swapping. Only swap ads with businesses that compliment your niche.

    Ad swapping is a great tool for expanding your business’s reach. You don’t have to pay extra for advertising and also get a chance to collaborate with other businesses. However, remember that ad swapping delivers magical results only when it is implemented sparingly.

    Want to find out more, check out http://adswap.com/

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