How To Choose a Games Console To Buy

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Play station 3, Wii and Xbox are the three major consoles dominating the current gaming generation. Each of these consoles comes with different models and features. Besides that, consoles are continually changing in terms of prices, omissions, improvements and upgrades. Clearly, buying a game console today can be a difficult task. This guide will enable you to decide on the right game console for your use.


Who shall be playing games on the console? Some consoles are suited for casual gamers and children than others, based on the games available to play. Fanatical gamers will require full-featured consoles which have more involved and challenging titles. You also need to consider the number of players expected to play at any given time. PlayStation 3 can accommodate up seven wireless controllers while Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii support a maximum of four wireless or wired devices.


Factor in the price of the console, subscription costs and accessories. Typically, more features mean higher prices. A wide range of features will be required if the console is for commercial purposes – this means to have to be ready to pay more. Most games consoles come with one or two controllers, so you have to buy additional controllers to serve all your needs.

Do you own other consoles?

Games consoles that have been recently developed have the ability to be used with older consoles. Therefore, take into consideration your older consoles when purchasing a new one. For instance, some Nintendo Wii models have backward compatibility with GameCube system games. PlayStation 3 offers backward compatibility with games form PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. This means that if you have a considerable game library for a specific console, you don’t have to rebuild the collection when buying a console from the same company.

Console features

Modern consoles offer a variety of capabilities beyond just playing games. Some have motion-sensing capabilities. Movements near the device and even in the room can be detected and tracked. Xbox Kinect is on top of the list when it comes to motion-sensing. Another incredible feature to look out for is online content and streaming. With PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you can interact with other gamers through online games for free. For better resolution of content, you might want to consider a console with HD or multimedia support. Unfortunately, PlayStation 3 is only console having HD resolution. If you’re not yet ready for HD resolution content, you can go for Xbox 360 which offers an integrated DVD player.

Consider the games you want

Having an idea of your audience will help you choose the right games. Some games are suited for children and casual gamers, particularly those found in Nintendo. PS3 and Xbox 360 have more of adult-oriented games. Most video game consoles offer the popular series which are basically console-exclusive. PS3 has the Little Big Planet and God of War series while Xbox offers Gears of War and Halo games series. The series found in Nintendo are Legend of Zelda and Super Marion Bros.

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