How To Install Xbox Live

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Playing video games has it benefits and some of them include improvement of eye to hand coordination, allows one to relax and further more it is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. Purchasing an Xbox console means getting to play some of the major gaming titles like Halo among others.

Apart from playing video games, it provides you with an opportunity of sharing your gaming experience with other gamers around the world. In order to do so, you will need to set up Xbox live and below is how to install Xbox live.

Step One – Purchase an Xbox

In order to share your gaming experience and also play some of the best video games available, you need to have an Xbox console. The current model on sale is the Xbox One and you can get to purchase it from both online and retail stores.

Once you have bought the console, you need to make all necessary connections in order for you to enjoy one the best gaming experience. If you are unsure, consult the manufacturer’s manual for directions.

Step Two – Step up an internet connection

After purchasing the right console, you need to have internet in your home so as to create an Xbox live account. For home owners who don’t have internet, you can request any of the internet service providers around your area to connect you. Do research in order to come up with the right company that will supply with high speed internet at a reasonable price.

Once you have internet in your home, connect your Xbox to it. This can be achieved through different ways namely using a wireless adapter or using a network cable. The cable should be connected in the appropriate port at the back of the console. Remember, your internet bandwidth should be above 2Mbps in order to make the set up flawless.

Step Three – Turn on the console

In order to install Xbox live, you need to turn on your console. Once you do so, on your TV screen, you will be able to view a dashboard. The dashboard will provide you with content and a way of navigating through Xbox One content.

Step Four – Create account and sign in

Using your controller, you need to navigate to the home tab. From there, you will have the option of creating a new profile, signing in to your account and also being able to recover your gamertag. To create an Xbox live account, you need to select sign in. To do so, you need to press on the A button.

Note, at the bottom of your TV screen, you should be able to see different functions with matching button headers at the start. This helps to provide information for first time users.

Once you have selected on the sign in button, you will have the option of choosing add new therefore getting a chance of creating a Microsoft Account if you have none. Creating a Microsoft account is free and once you have the credentials, you need to sign in on Xbox live. The credentials include an email address and password of your Microsoft account.

Step Five – Make changes

Once you have signed in, you can be able to view your profile window which hosts different information namely your avatar, your rep, gamescore, zone, messages and an option of managing your account among others.

From here, you can change the theme color, customize your avatar, change your gamer tag and even switch profiles if you have several.

That’s how to install Xbox Live.

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