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“Thanks for visiting, where you’ll find all the latest on what keeps the gaming world moving. This Privacy Policy defines your rights and our responsibilities for using the information you provide us, so keep reading to learn more.

What Does This Policy Apply To?

The terms of this Privacy Policy, also referred to as the “”Policy”", cover the websites and any mobile applications directly maintained, operated or provided under the domain, also known as the “”Site”". If we, the owners and operators of, decide to make any changes to what this policy covers, we will make reasonable efforts to update the Policy, but we’re not liable for any changes not covered by these terms. In the event of a policy update, we will also make efforts to announce the changes in a prominent location.

By using the Site in any form, you agree to adhere to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. This site is intended for individuals who are at least 18-years-old or who have attained the age of majority in their locales. If you don’t consent to these terms, you fail to meet the age requirement or you don’t have permission from a parent or guardian to use the Site, do not use, access or view the Site. Should the policy change, your continued use of the site indicates your additional acceptance of any new terms.

In the case of optional features included in the Site, such as, but not limited to, opt-in campaigns or subscriptions, this Policy continues to apply unless we explicitly state otherwise or provide alternate privacy terms for the features and services in question.

The terms of this Policy apply to any visitor or patron of the site, regardless whether they are registered or anonymous, and all such individuals are collectively referred to as “”Users”". The Policy pertains to any information purposefully provided by Users that may or may not be personally identifiable as well as any other information we collect during the course of maintaining the Site and its services.

Data Gathers from Users

While operating the Site, we may request that Users share specific information so that we can provide improved services. This information may include, but is not limited to, the following:

Usernames and passwords,
Credit card and other payment information,
Email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts and other contact information,
Home, business or shipping addresses,
Hobbies, interests, gaming habits and consumer preferences, and
Demographic data, such as age or gender.

How Uses Data

While we reserve the right to employ User information as we see fit, we will make efforts to notify you of our intentions on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, we may use specific information in conjunction with other data to build more accurate profiles of Users and provide them with content that better aligns with their preferences.

If we elect, at our sole discretion, to share your information with third parties, we will make our best possible efforts to strip it of any data that might be used to personally identify you. We may share information for a number of reasons, including advertising purposes and market analysis. In the event that it becomes necessary to grant a third party with access to our hardware systems, servers, software, Site, or services for technical reasons, we will work to ensure that appropriate controls remain in place to limit the exposure and transfer of Users’ personally identifiable information.

Your information may be accessed by our agents, employees, contractors or other parties acting on our behalf. Should we undertake endeavors that result in the sale or purchase of business entities or changes in management, including mergers and insolvency filings, we are not liable if your personal information is shared with others or used in any manner not permitted by this Policy.

We reserve the right to gather information from any User as well as from individuals who find or make inquiries about the Site via our advertising partners and external links. We may collect such data via registrations, opt-ins, subscriptions, purchases, surveys, logins or any other forms you complete or submit. In some instances, we may also collect information automatically via mechanisms including, but not limited to, cookies or browser data.

We can also gather information in the form of local or remote log files that track usage of our Site and services to give us a better understanding of how Users behave. This data, which includes information like page hits, visit lengths, referring links and other information, is generally anonymous. Similarly, we may also decide to collect the IP addresses of certain Users to track their individual habits or tailor site content to their established preferences. Because such information may be personally identifiable when used in conjunction with other data, we apply security controls for its access, storage and distribution.

Users have the right to decide not to share their information with us or to modify their sharing practices at any time, but we cannot guarantee that such actions won’t affect the function of the Site and its services. We will attempt to comply with Do Not Track (DNT) preferences to the best of our ability, but we are under no obligation to do so.

We may also share information with law enforcement officials, courts and other recognized authorities when we believe we’re legally compelled to do so. We may also engage in such sharing when doing so is necessary to enforce the Terms and Conditions associated with using the site or protect the safety of Users and other parties. In these situations, we will try to do due diligence to ensure that the information we share will not be misused or distributed any more than is absolutely necessary.

Third-Party Advertisers

At our sole discretion, we may use the Site to host and distribute advertisements and marketing content provided by our partners. These parties may collect information from you at their discretion; such information gathering and any data it creates is neither our responsibility nor bound by the terms of this Policy. Sharing data with our advertising partners is not a precondition for use of the Site, but we reserve the right to share information on our Users.

How Protects Data

We employ numerous security standards and methodologies designed to prevent the misuse or abuse of your information. These include controlling access to your information, our software and our Site’s hardware and screening our employees and contractors. Should any of these measures fail, we will notify Users as soon as possible, but we are not liable for any negative circumstances or losses that may result from incidents like attacks or security breaches.”

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